Got Engagement?


In this course, we’re reaching out to the Senior Leaders (aka, the “trendsetters”), Managers (aka, the “permission givers”), HR, Wellness Managers and Consultants (aka, the “activators”), and all of us as individuals (aka, “self-starters”) to help you increase engagement with well-being both from the inside-out and outside-in.

With this course, you’ll learn:

  • Why engagement with well-being is harder than it seems.
  • How to tackle engagement on an individual level.
  • What we need to collectively do to improve well-being for all.

 You'll gain 30-day access to:

  • All 5 modules,
  • And, 4 downloadable guides,
  • Plus, a certificate upon completion.

In the end, you will walk away with a new outlook on fueling engagement to catalyze healthy and positive changes for your community, workplace, and team.

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$129.00 USD